Literacy Skills For Early Elementary

Creating a nation of readers through in-school tutoring and family engagement

Future Forward is…

A research-based early reading intervention that works. Future Forward integrates one-on-one tutoring and family engagement.
A support system for K-3 struggling readers. Reaching children through a multi-tiered model that affects multiple aspects of their daily experience, the Future Forward program is more effective than any one approach or intervention on its own.
Supervised by a certified teacher or youth serving professional, with dedicated space to support literacy instruction and house Future Forward curriculum and materials. The Future Forward program is freestanding, using dedicated staff and resources, yet has the full collaboration of school administrators and classroom teachers.
Working toward an ultimate goal for all students to read at grade level by the end of third grade.

Program Components

The following essential components are the life force of the program:
One-on-One Tutoring
The in-school component provides students with a reading intervention through one-on-one tutoring, following a research-based model, geared toward increasing positive study habits, academic success, and engagement.
Family Engagement
The family component includes regular contact with families through monthly events, text messages and phone calls, newsletters, and home visits, all geared to increasing skills to support children’s academic success.

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