Virtual Tutoring

One-On-One Virtual Tutoring Platform
With increased need for engaging virtual learning solutions, Future Forward has expanded access to help more students improve literacy skills across the country.

Future Forward now serves school districts, education organizations, and out-of-school-time providers with a completely customized, individualized, one-on-one tutoring and family engagement program for any and all K-3 students.

Combining capabilities of Renaissance Learning’s myON Reader and Zoom with Future Forward’s custom online program management and administration platform


  • Students can take a brief survey and get reading suggestions. 
  • Programs are tailored to reading levels. 
  • Authentic book titles.

Engaging platform and program improves focus, attention, and attendance.

  • Students are actively engaged onscreen with the ability to control cursor/functions.
  • Social-emotional learning embedded throughout the program framework.
  • Families and caregivers engaged in student learning.
  • Culturally focused titles.

Several ways to work with Future Forward

  • Custom plans for struggling readers and learning gaps.
  • Formal programs curated for individualized intervention.
  • Informal reading supports and supplements for students.

Easing schooldays for parents and teachers.

Not recorded video readings, real tutors in real-time directly customize every lesson based on the needs, strength, interests, and learning styles of every child.

Students’ tools include: Ability to look-up definitions and pronunciations and make notes.
Full access to myON functions, with expert guidance on using and accessing all features.

Educators’ tools include: Comprehensive data sets and metrics of progress and engagement for every child and community. Reading habits, patterns, trends, popular books / publishers / categories. Training and resources help tutors determine focus and next steps, and enable them to work with each individual student in specific areas of need and ability.

Other capabilities include: Comprehension quizzes & competitions with other classes/schools.

Based on Future Forward’s program model demonstrated effective in a study published by the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse.